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Hello I am Vikas, I thought I'd quickly just run through my small "success" story. Last year in December I lost my Job. In January i gone through 4-5 interviews but not satisfied with the salary i was getting through my new job. One day i was looking for Some Part time Jobs and came across, in this site they were selling a Book name Magic Money Guru Guide. Initially i was confused, but after a week i purchase this book.

I got this book after 7 days, with the idea mentioned in this book i started writing a blog and on 17th January 2017 i published my first blog. For the entire months of January and February, I didn't make a single rupee. Then, in March I created a 4 blogs and placed Ads on all of them. In that month, I made Rs. 450/- only. I was delighted to see that I could actually make money just for getting some clicks.

I worked more on my blogs and for the month of April I made a whopping Rs. 3700/-. I was so happy to see that blogs were improving and I was making money. May continued to increase and I made Rs. 7000/-.

This last month of June was where I made the biggest jump as I made Rs. 15000/-, That was a huge jump for me. This month of July, I'm working for Rs.25,000-30,000/- as a goal.

It's not a lot of money, as some people here are making Lakhs of Rupees a month. But I was so doubtful in the beginning to think that it's really a possible way of making money. So those out there who are wondering if it's true, it is true and i am making it. I'm so excited to keep working and making more blogs and working on other ideas in the book to improve my earnings.

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