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My name is Pritesh,I am working in an IT Firm and getting good salary to fulfil all mine and my family requirements. I get 2 days off in a week. One day i went to my colleague house on holiday, there i saw a book name Magic money Guru, as the wo0rd magic fascinate me a lot, as I am very fond of magic. So i took the book in my hand and started reading it, i saw some internet base job idea was written in the book, i got the interest and saw the website name mentioned on the book back cover page. Then my friend and we do some talk and then returned to my home.

After few weeks later it was Saturday and i was at my home so just browsing facebook, i saw the same book advertisement on facebook, i recall myshelf where i saw that book then i remember that i saw this book at my friend’s home. So after checking the magic money guru book website, i decided to purchase that book, and that day itself i placed the order.

After working for 2 months taking all the necessary steps written in the book. I remember when I got a payment of Rs.1500, and I was encouraged. Keep in mind I make a very decent living compared to most of my friends, and Rs.1500 is a relatively small chunk of change all things considered. But just knowing that it was like, "free money"... wow. Then i received first Google check of Rs. 7000. I was more excited about this Rs. 7000 than any other Rs. 7000 I had ever earned. I can't really describe it.

Then I got on this kick. I bought mining gold thanks to Since then I've used many other earning ideas described in the book and now after 10 months of my hard work and utilizing my free time after office, i am earning about 60-70 k / months other than my salary.

So success story... Yeah I would call myself a success story. And I am just scratching the surface.

My only advice is to stay creative, stay dedicated and keep patience. Do these three things and you're guaranteed to get success

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