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A small success story here, my name is Om Prakash I am a teacher and have a small family. My story begins 5 months back, one day i was searching for some study material for my students on internet. I saw an advertisement on the website on which i was checking the study material. I click the advertisement and reached the website, there i saw they were selling some book in which they have mentioned 25 different money making ideas through internet. I checked the website and testimonials. By evening same day I make up my mind and ordered the book on Cash on delivery.

After one week of placing the order, when I was not at my home my wife received the book and makes the payment to the courier person. For three weeks I read only 3-4 pages of the book. In between I got to know that my wife is again expecting a new child, till now my income was sufficient to handle my present family, with the new kid all my spending will get increased so I got tensed and started thinking a lot how can I increase my earnings. One day when i was cleaning the sofa table, i saw this magic money guru book which I purchased 3 weeks before; I started reading the book and finished it in three days.

After I finished the book, I decided to start domain flipping. I bought 10 domain name and put all the domains on auction on different website mentioned in the book. For starting two months it was a complete failure, I thought it is a complete wastage of my money. In the first week of the 3rd month, I got a mail that the domain i bought 45 days back, someone wants to buy it in Rs. 21,000/-. which i had listed for an auction.

Anyway the area I choose was something I had interest and a very low investment and is easy to handle, which in my opinion is really important. I was happy just to see this first Rs.21,000 income in just 2 months was great.

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